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Women Of The C-Suite: Laura Rea Dickey

“Laura Rea Dickey currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. where she has taken the family-owned brand to new heights by overseeing the development of its first international locations…Dickey also helped pioneer the third-party deliver program for the brand, contributing to positive same store sales in all digital channels for the past three years.”

Charlie Katz, Executive Creative Director at Bitbean Software Development & author of The Interview series called “Women Of The C-Suite” spoke with Laura Rea Dickey to gain insight on her perspective as the CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue.

The series by Charlie Katz has segments with top female CEOs at the C Suite level and their candid insights to running their respective businesses. For some, C-Suite executives can be placed in an intangible class all their own, but for Laura Rea Dickey: “An executive is a role like any other. Seek it if you want. Accept it if you commit to owning the role. Find a better fit, if the demands and skills required don’t match for you and your life priorities. To be a successful executive, you must have a curious mind, relentless pursuit, endurance, and extreme flexibility.”

Within the article, you can read what factors influenced Laura Rea Dickey’s journey from “terrible cook” to huge barbecue business success. Dickey also offers five leads to follow as well as five inside scoops for success. Not everyone is cut out to be an executive, but that was not the case for Laura Rea Dickey. Learn more about what it takes to be at the highest level of business with her telling of her journey to the top and ongoing perseverance. This segment is a wonderful read for any aspiring CEO who is looking for insight and helpful bits of advice on their journey.

Want to learn more about her journey to get to the C-Suite executive level?

Read The Full Article HERE

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